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Used Engines & Transmissions is a US-based venture dealing in used transmissions and auto parts. Our organization perhaps has the biggest stock of used transmissions in the country. Here you can get the right make & model of a used transmission viable with your vehicle at the best cost. Regardless of the kind of vehicle you drive, we have high-quality used transmissions of various fuel options like petroleum, diesel, and gas.

Our quality standards are set high as we deal in used transmissions at par with OEM standards. Our customer support thrives in routing reliable used transmission to the customers without causing any delay in the process. So, all our customers leave us happy and satisfied. 

All Types

Variety of Transmissions We Offer

At Used Engines & Transmissions, we provide low mileage & high-quality used transmissions. Generally, we provide our customers with 4 types of used transmissions of various makes & models.


Automatic Transmission

Automatic Transmission features automatic gear shifting, meaning you need not change gears yourself while driving.


Manual Transmission

Manual Transmission works on a conventional mechanism in which you need to manually change gears using the shift knob.


Semi-Automatic Transmission

Semi-automatic is the middle ground between manual & automatic transmissions. It enables you to go clutch-less as you do not need it to change gears. 


Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) 

Continuously Variable Transmission or CVT features a gearless transmission system that operates by a pulley system.

Biggest Used Transmissions Inventory 

With over 2000 inventory yards in our possession, Used Engines & Transmissions has one of the most extensive inventories in the USA. Here you can easily find the used transmission compatible with your vehicle.

Impeccable Customer Support

Whether you need assistance with placing an order or need to report an issue after the sale, our customer support team will be there to help you sort things out. You can contact our customer service department anytime through our Toll-Free Number.

Low Mileage Transmissions 

We also house low mileage used transmissions in our inventory. In our opinion, a used transmission with low mileage and good service history may perform well in other vehicles for years to come.


Transmission Troubles Bothering You?

We Are Here to Help!

Transmission problems are the last thing you want on your plate, which is why it is best to pay heed to early warning signs. Following are a few warning signs that indicate upcoming transmission problems.

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    Transmission fluid leakage

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    Burning smell

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    Vibrating, humming, or other odd sounds

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    Uneasy gear shifting

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    Burnt or cloudy transmission fluid

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    Slipping gears 

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    The transmission warning light is On

If you experience any of the above-mentioned things, you should perhaps look for a used transmission. A used transmission will restore your vehicle’s drivability without costing you a lot. Moreover, with Used Engines & Transmissions, a high-quality transmission is just a few clicks away. 

At Used Engines & Transmissions, You Will Get:

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    Low Prices: Affordability of our quality used transmission is what makes them so great.

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    Supreme quality: We guarantee satisfaction with our top-notch used transmissions.

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    Quick Delivery:  Quick deliveries within 5-7 business days to business & residential addresses across the USA and Canada.

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    Free Shipping: We offer free shipping in selected parts of the USA and Canada.

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    Reliability: Used Engines & Transmissions only sell reliable products that comply with OEM standards.

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    90 Days Return & Replacement Guarantee: Quick and easy replacement of products covered under the warranty terms.

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    Product Warranty: An exclusive 5-years product warranty on all used transmissions.


Used Engines

At we supply most of the popular import engines. As statistics prove, some of the best engines ever made have been produced by makers such as Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and Volkswagen. While many of these engines are great, this is only a handful of the quality used engines that we supply. So if you need a low mileage, replacement used engine, you've come to the right place.


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